Looking to demo a new product? Connect with customers, new prospects, employees, or partners? How do you set the right tone for all of that? Each event is unique with Event Management here at $COMPANYNAME. By assigning you dual points of communication, we provide you with clear, concise communication from start to finish, with at least one team member always physically present at the events.

Set the right tone with our Event Generation team, providing you with our Outreach program, allowing you to contact local professors and professionals to provide additional expertise, local sponsors to service the event, and partner with local colleges to draw in the eager young faces of tomorrow. Our International outreach program also helps you leverage your brand on a global level, planning out events across counties and states to maximize your impact. Sick and tired of dealing with the minutia of events? We take care of all of that for you, negotiating vendor and venue contracts, handling common logistical issues such as audio and lighting systems, and managing the entire project according to your exact budget, timeline, and specifications.

Want to learn more? Contact us at EventManagement@$COMPANYNAME.com